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Outdoor Music Show at the Long Valley Nature Park
Mar 02, 2024

In addition to satisfy the public housing and social development needs, the implementation of the New Development Area (NDA) also aims to conserve the precious natural resources in the areas. For the Kwu Tung North NDA, the conservation of Long Valley is an integral part of the development project.
Long Valley is the largest contiguous freshwater wetland in Hong Kong. With diversified habitats, it also serves as a stopover for various migratory birds. To conserve and promote the ecological value of Long Valley, the CEDD commenced the construction works in late 2019 with a view to developing its core area into a nature park. The construction work is substantially completed.
To share delight with the public, the CEDD organized an outdoor music show at the Visitor Zone of Long Valley Nature Park, and invited young people from the North District to enjoy music.
A total of six performing groups, including a local youth band, street performers and a team from the CEDD, were invited to give a series of spectacular performances by playing nature inspired musical instruments, such as the hand flute, kalimba, steel tongue drum, and didgeridoo. While enjoying the show, the participants were also able to build their experiential connections with nature and enhance the awareness of natural ecology conservation.