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2023 Year of the Rabbit North District Skateboard Lunar New Year Competition
Jan 29, 2023

On Lok Mun Street Playground will be permanently closed on 6th February 2023 for construction of Fanling Bypass (Eastern Section).  As the Playground is a prominent landmark for skateboarding in North district, HK Federation of Roller Sports Limited and Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports specially organized 2023 Year of the Rabbit North District Skateboard Lunar New Year Competition there, introducing the public to skateboarding and offering them joyful skateboarding experience. Project team of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area (Phase 1)  also fully supported this meaningful event.

During the event, free coaching sessions led by a group of professional skateboarders were arranged, providing exceptional opportunity for first timers to learn to skateboard safely. Meanwhile, the skateboarding competition held in the afternoon, which was the first major competition held after the pandemic eased off, had been an eye-opening experience to the public.  The event was well received by the public with around 200 participants, including Mr Jasper Law, Chairman of North District Council, representative of LCSD and famous veterans of skateboarding.

The project team showcased the future features of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North new development area on-site, enabling the public to understand the new development of the community.  The public was also well engaged in virtual driving experience featured the future Fanling Bypass (Eastern Section).

The new skateboard park will be reprovisioned nearby in order to provide the community and skateboard lovers with a venue and facilities meeting the World Skate standard, governing body for skateboarding, encouraging more people to enjoy skateboarding.